your Leased Vehicle may have equity and it's yours - whats my car worth

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Lease End Equity


Equity?  Every time I mention you could have equity in a leased vehicle,  people are amazed and confused.  Consumers get into the habit of  turning in their old keys and getting a new lease often never check for  equity. Lease end equity is not well know in large part because dealerships don't want you to know. Well now its time for you to have the upper hand. What's my car worth ? That is the question and we can help you find out.  At the end of a lease, you have options: No matter what kind of vehicle you have, or where you leased it, you should want to know where you stand before ending your lease. There may be a reason the dealerships keep calling to get your car back to them. They know it could be worth more then the residual value and that difference belongs to you ! 

Diminished Value Recovery


Has Your Car Been In An Accident Caused By Another Driver ? You could be entitled to a check if the accident wasn't your fault. Your car may be just fine after its repair but it's value has been reduced regardless of the quality of repair. In almost every case, when you sell or trade-in  your car you will get less for it. Usually 20% to 30% less depending on the severity of the damage. what's my car worth? We can help you recover what belongs to you. The law is on your side. 

Most people have no idea what Diminished Value is or how it can help  financially after an auto accident. Diminished value claims are not well  known, mostly because the auto insurance industry would prefer  to keep it that way and avoid paying thousands of dollars in additional claims. We have over 25 years of experience , let us help you get what your entitled to.

Honest Auto Appraisal


Know before you go! Don't go to the dealership blind. Get all the knowledge from an honest auto appraisal first. Why are we different, our appraisals are guaranteed with a check. Know before you go. We will provide you with a written appraisal backed by a check. So if you don't get on trade what we appraise your vehicle for come back to us and we  will buy it. With many years of retail auto experience we pay the full wholesale trade in value unlike the dealership trying to buy your car for less so they can make more money retailing your car. Dealerships try to devalue your trade every way they can. We just want to pay the fair market wholesale value and when they say you will lose your tax savings, say why should I , that is my tax savings. The car is worth what its worth. We will buy your trade from the dealership you trade it into for the price we guarantee you. Our appraisals last two full weeks, giving you plenty of time to go shopping. Just send us an Email with your contact information and we will give you all the information you need to have the upper hand.